Welcome to Middlebury Regional Emergency & Medical Services, Inc.

Here you'll find information about our organization, its members, vehicles, services, and events, along with other resources. Middlebury College students seeking EMT experience and classes will find relevant information on our J Term page.

We are a Vermont-licensed Advanced Life Support Agency, offering Ambulance & Rescue, Education, and Radio & Communication Equipment.

Operating 24 hours a day, we serve Middlebury, East Middlebury, Salisbury, New Haven, Ripton, Orwell, Shoreham, Whiting, Bridport, Cornwall, and Weybridge.

Be sure to check out our pages for Community and Training events - as well as our Facebook and Twitter profiles - to stay up-to-date with all MREMS has to offer.

MREMS: Quality Care When You Need It

In memoriam - Ed Sullivan